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Top E-Commerce sale ideas

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Free Shipping Promotion

It’s no secret that everybody loves free shipping. Additional shipping charges during the checkout process contribute to cart abandonment, also known as the Achilles’ heel of the eCommerce website. Apart from eliminating an expense many of your visitors may be expecting, free shipping can simplify the entire sales process.

Percentage Based Discounts

If brick and mortar storefronts have taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves to buy things that are “on sale,” and formatting your product pages to have a “sale price” can definitely increase conversions. Consider showing two prices for any given product, the “retail” price, and your “sale price.” Experiment with different terminology such as “Suggested Retail” or “MSRP” to see what works best for your store or niche.

Offering Reward Points

Offering your customers rewards points for each dollar spent is a great way to encourage visitors to become loyal, repeat customers. These reward points can be expressed in “points” or “dollar-value,” depending on what you think makes more sense for your target market. Many believe that website visitors are more enticed to spend “50 Example.com Dollars” vs “50 Example.com Reward Points,” so keep that psychology in mind when determining how to name your points system.

Discount for an Email List Subscription

You’ll see this one on almost every successful eCommerce website. Want that 10% off coupon code or free shipping? Enter your email address and we’ll give it to you! Building your email list is one of the most important aspects of growing your eCommerce sales long-term and “sign up for a discount” is a top performer.  It’s simple – if you’re offering a sale, don’t just give the sale away. Trade the promotion for an email address. Even if they don’t purchase today, you’ll have the ability to market future sales to the visitor.

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