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Here are some indications that your business website requires a redesign

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A successful website design is one that converts average visitors into highly engaged customers. This indicates that the website is user-friendly, and visitors are able to find the information they need without any hassle. A poorly designed website can be inconvenient and annoying, which may lead visitors to leave the page.

What are the main signs of poor design?

  • The website is not displayed correctly on various devices.
  • Competitors have more attractive website designs.
  • The majority of the website’s visitors do not turn into customers.
  • Website navigation is confusing, and the functionality is difficult to configure and manage.
  • Your website is poorly performing in search engines. So, you waste a lot of money to promote your business.
  • The website has not been updated for a long time and is outdated or there are outdated web design trends.

If you noticed that your site is showing one of the signs listed above, it may indicate that there are objective reasons for introducing a redesign and functional changes on your website.

A refresh of the design of the website implies a change in the external components of the website and its individual elements but also means that the changes themselves may affect the entire structure of the site and pages as a whole.

Assuming that your project has outgrown the current site, there is a need for new functionality or a change in the logic of the current elements.

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